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Do you want to create a vibrant atmosphere where problem-solving and progressive thinking are embedded in all facets of your organization?
Our new report, Navigating Innovation: How to Design and Nurture the Right Culture for Innovation, dives into the three key components that lead to a positive innovation culture for long-term success.
What's Included?

Understand the three key components that are key for long-term success and lead to a positive innovation culture.

This report will dive into the three key elements that work in tandem to build an innovation culture. Each organization sets these elements at different levels, based on how fast it needs to achieve results and the way innovation is managed across the organization.
Inside, you'll learn about our Innovation Factory, featuring these key components of innovation culture, as well as case studies on Uber, Nike and SpaceX and interactive activities to help you assess where your organization sits currently with innovation culture and how to improve based on your goals.

Innovation Factory Framework

Mapping the 5 elements crucial for driving innovation with a deep dive on Innovation Culture and its key components.

Key Case Studies

Innovation culture highlights from leading organizations; Uber, Nike & SpaceX.

Tools to Assess & Foster Innovation Culture

Understand the subtleties of how your organization promotes an innovation culture and stimulate thinking on how to utilize all elements to craft an environment that better aligns with your company's innovation aspiration.
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