What We Do

We help shield you from disruption in your space by enabling you to be the disruptor.

de factory

Innovation Architecture

Building a proper innovation function is like building a factory: a strong foundation with all key components is required for it to function.

The better it's built, the more you'll get out of it and the fewer repairs you'll need down the road.

Innovation Strategy

The innovation strategy is the foundation of your innovation factory.

It serves as the guiding direction for everything you create. It will align the innovation work to the corporate strategy.

Governance Framework

Proper governance is key to innovation success.

Traditional approval processes could lead to efficient death of your organization. We will design a Growth Board combining your organizations leaders, external experts and the customer to guide new initiatives.

Dedicated & Structured Resourcing Framework

Innovation requires specialized resources.

And a proper organizational structure to leverage those resources to their max potential. Innovation will also require a separate and dedicated budget in order to be successful.

Build, Buy & Partner Framework

Innovation requires speed.

Your traditional partnering framework will slow you down. The ability for you to invest in new ventures will also be key to innovation success. 

Portfolio Management Framework

Not all innovation is the same.

Are you designing more fuel efficient tires for your cab? Or Launching Uber? Those require very different resources and outcomes to execute against. The right innovation in the wrong place will ultimately fail. 

Innovation Process

These are the conveyor belts of our factory.

The innovation process keeps things moving. Optimize costs and manage risk in the most efficient way possible.

Ongoing Business Management

Innovation needs to report to the business.

Monitoring innovation metrics and outputs will be different than what your organization is used to seeing, and requires a specialized function and method of tracking and reporting to the business.


We help our partners innovate with the highest return and lowest risk possible.

Each step in our 5-phase innovation process can be isolated and repeated, enabling us to efficiently and effectively fail or validate innovative concepts at $5k instead of at $5M.

Ideas Generation

We first look at problem statements and customer needs.



We start with lots of big ideas, then direct our focus.



We test & validate ideas, failing the ones that aren’t desirable, viable, and feasible.


Launch to test market

With a view of the customer and our capabilities,
we decide where to place our bets.


Full scale market launch

We start with lots of big ideas, then direct our focus.