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How do the biggest and most agile companies structure their innovation efforts?
We have the answers. Download this informative report and learn how a tailored approach to structuring innovation can lead to becoming an innovation leader in your sector.
What's Included?

Learn how each of the 3 models for structuring innovation may suit your business.

This report is for corporate innovators seeking to deepen their understanding of how proper structuring of innovation efforts can lead to a multitude of long term growth benefits.
Inside, you'll find an introduction to the Disruptive Edge Innovation Factory framework, case studies on Amazon, Mattel and Telus, and a detailed guide to choosing the right innovation structure for your organization.

Innovation Factory Framework

Mapping the 5 elements crucial for driving innovation; Strategy, Structure, Process, Resourcing & Culture.

Key Case Studies

Innovation structures at major organizations; Amazon, Mattel & Telus.

Choosing the Right Structure

Deciding which Innovation Structure best suits your organization and will lead to success when innovating.
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of Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 are now extinct.
of Fortune 500 companies are at risk of becoming extinct in the next decade.
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