Fortune 500 Title Insurance Company
Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services
Both IaaS & IA
Ideas generated & assessed

The Challenge

The Canadian appraisal, mortgage, and home valuation landscape is rapidly changing as innovations in more advanced markets make their way into the Canadian real estate industry.

There are numerous opportunities for data to be leveraged in new ways to create innovative products, and our client doesn’t want to be left behind.

Startups and incumbents analyzed

The Solution

Implementing innovation structure to create an environment for sustainable innovation best-practices within our client’s organization. In parallel, providing innovation as a service to bring new ideas to market, capitalizing on industry trends.

Ecosystem engagement with new entrants raising seed and series A funding to create lasting partnerships delivering new products and services to our client’s incumbent clients.

Concepts prioritized to move forward


Innovation function design and implementation
Idea bank and innovation process
Concept testing
Roadmap to commercialization for successful concepts
Strategic partnerships with new entrants & incumbents
Successful commercialization of products
Products launched in market

Client Appreciation

“Disruptive Edge really helped us look at opportunities outside of our core business, and really understand a path forward that put our organization at the forefront of Innovation in our industry."

Fortune 500 Title Insurance Company
- President